I Don’t Remember

This has been long over due.

This is stuff from way back in April. I have tons of stuff scanned and I will now slowly start uploading again.

Random coffee with Vicky

Few days later there was grad show at the school. After me, Vicky and couple of her friends went to have a drink.

Vicky’s friend Ananta

Have a laugh… about what, no clue.


Now some Tim’s with Jenya

Scared for his life? (and yes some might have newton rings on them i know)

Good times.

Mom’s worse enemy enjoying the sun in the back yard. It apparently eats everything, including our fence.

Went to a park/forest about 20-30 minute north or my house. Nice place, just have to watch our for the horse shit.

Also too a Polaroid of this.

On to hanging out with Natasha I think this was Second Cup…but could be Starbucks.

Vicky cleaning out her locker, last time she will ever do that. Feels weird not to be going back to school in September.

And once again coffee and wondering around with Jenya

Playing around with flash.

Terry Richardson here I come. LOL

And what better way to end a blog then with crotch?

See you all later, heading off to Manitoba to visit a friend. I’ll try to post more often once I get back.

Peace out.


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Remember

    1. You tell me how you missed it. I have more to post, hope to get around that soon.

      Ya been liking the flash stuff more and more and there are better one I think later on.

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