You Already Hate Me Anyway

Isis at her best ;)

Explain to me why I have to pick up dog shit when horses go where they want and is left there?

A cyclist was killed.

Anyone missing a glove?

Or maybe you lost a scarf?

See the flame thrower?

Leafs not doing so well.

Not sure why I am including this one but its there.

Tim Hortons, the new Starbucks ;)

New house?

Multitasking. Car cleaning.


Dirt pile x 2.  If this was near my house I am sure a lot of it would get stolen.

Power nap while the owner shops?

Well labeled construction site.  Don’t you hate it when you just can’t find the dirt?

Pff…who needs pants!!!!

Yulia had a cat to feed.


Always on the phone, right?

Yuri came to visit and got a bow.

Curious to know what was on his mind.

Wonder if she knew what she was sitting beside.

Watch out Art World, Yuri has started to draw.

Saw a lot of ‘photographers’ our that time. No idea what they were all up to.

There was also dancing.

Do you think he saw me??

Hey, look someone still reads books. Like the physical kind made of paper and stuff.

The end. I have more stuff scanned and a bunch still needs to be developed. Really want to get in the dark room make some prints.


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