No Name Is A Name

Guess it was one of those days?

Generation gap?

Coffee with this one…

He decided to come say hi.

I am sure my mom will hate me for this.

Which Way To The Front Line From Here? – Great movie, lost count how many times I’ve watched it.

Don’t listen to anything anyone tells you…books are bad ;)

Hip shooting!!

Still at it.

So your cat can be with the times.

Maybe not having the best day?

He’ll prob hate this one. But I am sure he loves it ;)

Shopping at Costco.

Yevgen being a dick.

Better? Worse?

Phones are great.

While having coffee met some dude, gave him my card still confused what he wanted. INTUITING??!

More of those evil books.

Yulia took me shopping. Can you guess for what?

While walking the dog.

Hey look a vertical picture. Though to be honest I don’t remember if I shot it like that.

Eating alone.

I think there was a band playing.

I swear there was a dog in there somewhere.

Trying to feed him.

That’s all for now.

I think I have only a few more rolls scanned, time to hit the darkroom.


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