Playing Catch Up

As the title suggests I am playing catch up. My last blog post was September 2014.

This is starting off where I Forget left off, the images are from August 2013 till end of 2013.  This will be long post (135 images)

EDIT : Just realised some of the images are from 2014 woops!

*if you’re in any of the images and want them removed leave a comment or message me*

So lets begin.

This is in Elora, Ontario

Cat! And Yevgen taking a picture of the cat.


Yevgen wanted to show me this awesome road that would be SO fun to drive on. Looks like they had other ideas.

Dog walking with mom

At the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station with Yevgen.

This was after shot rugby went to walk around the beach a bit. When you gotta go you gotta go.

Kids always seem to notice me.

See what I mean?

Though to be honest not like I am hiding in the bushes.

Wasn’t the only one taking photos.

Someone doesn’t want their photo taken.

Now that’s how you set it up.

Out the window of the car.

No idea where this is.

We found Boaty McBoatface ;)  Kidding this was at the Peterborough Lift Lock.

Was surprised how many people were there.

Heading home as the sun sets.

Found myself at the beach again.



Who’s walking who?

Feel bad for the dogs when I see them patiently waiting for the owner to come back.

Used to live on the 15th floor (4 down) The area changed so much since I left.

Again driving around with Yevgen

Went to visit Yevgen at work, grab a quick coffee.

Young and Dundas Square

City Hall

They has some work by Ai Weiwei

I am a horrible person.

Staring to realise I am not as invisible as I think.

***** The images below are from September 2014 *****

Again poor dog waiting and waiting while the owners go shopping.

Noticed the Xpan. Always wanted to try one out, maybe one day.

Do you see it? Peace!

I was so confused why anyone would need binoculars there. Or what he was looking at.

Starting to think people don’t realise that dogs can walk.

Such a rebel.

***** Now back to 2013 *****

Probably another coffee/drive with Yevgen.

Wonder if she’s talking about me?

TIFF 2013!!!

At Harbourfront plane watching with everyone else.

This was probably heading home from volunteering at the gallery.

Coffee with Yulia.

More coffee. More Yulia.

Went to a Leaf game. And look they are up 2-0 against Detroit.

Turkey Vultures

At the gallery.

There was a dog everyone was looking at.

They are always shooting something where I walk my dog.

Mom cooking. She will hate me for putting this up.

I won some contest from Pikto on Instagram and won a bunch of free prints. Just showing them off.

Now showing them to Yevgen.


At MEC, Yevgen was getting some stuff (backpack I think).

I even have a time lapse from then. I think….

At the Russian store (Yummy Market) Kvass!!!

Different day but same.

Dog walking.

Isis. She looks so tiny there.

Was focusing on the TTC guys in the back and he came into frame.

401 Richmond St.


Hi! I am not gonna lie don’t even see half of this stuff through the viewfinder.

Construction of the new Ryerson Student Learning Centre

The end.

Wonder if it will take me another two years to post something.




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