You’re Out Of Line

Here are some recent pics. Still have tons of b/w from last year all scanned in plus a bunch of undeveloped film but I’ll get to that later. Went for soup with Yevgen. Great timing, no? Drive by shooting. The only way I know how. Getting the ‘cheap’ gas. Drive out to Whitby and its […]

About Time

Still way behind on all this blogging. And have a bunch of film still to be developed. Just in time for his campaign. (This is from Dec of 2012 or there about.) Never ending construction. Good timing? Bad timing? Guess depends how you look at it. Isis doing what she does best. Part of a […]

From Toronto To Israel And Back All In 3D

Rouge Park – Glen Rouge Campgrounds Mom with the Isis. Seemed very Canadian, and I promise you this is how we found it. My cousins dog. Just like this frame cause the dog jumping for food. Making us a cup of ‘real’ coffee. Gotta represent? West Side!!!!! Interesting looking garbage. Bird x 2. We pretended […]

Kind of A Big Deal

Off to my friends Yuri wedding. This was the first time I been on a plane by myself. Found my gate but still had some time before the flight. Security is on to me. Next day (Wedding Day) having breakfast. This is Yevgen. Yuri (Groom) Getting ready. In the limo. Yevgen’s expression = awesome. The […]

Can’t Forget About Colour

Forgot I shot some colour in 2012…yes these are still from 2012. At the dog park with mom. She always wants to go out. We can spend hours out and still she wants more. Show up at Communication Art Gallery this was the show Jeff Dywelska – Final Frontiers I want to say the was […]

So Much More

I am still slowly catching.  Always difficult for me to decide what images to use and uploading everything seems a bit ridiculous to me. This is still stuff from 2012. Someone is tired. And yup still 2012 (see advertisement) Bike seems like a classic. Was playing around shooting through objects/people. I am really bad at […]

How Things Have Changed

Went for a coffee with Sara.   Or maybe wasn’t coffee can’t remember and its the only shot from that time.   I don’t usually share very private moment on here but for some reason I feel I should still share these images. Possibly just to help me move forward. On April 19, 2012 my […]