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These as you will see are from way back when.  (If you don’t like it buy me a scanner and things will go a lot quicker. Epson V750 Thanks :P)

From the time Me and Jenya went to visit Yuri and he then decided to treat us to a Yurt experience.

You already seen some picture here from that same trip.

Jenya relaxing catching some sun.

Back in Toronto, downtown lake side.

Being artsy?

When it was still nice out decided to take my camera and go for a walk. I guess there used to be a house there at some point.

Walked by this first time, then told my self I have to get a picture of this. Saw these guys unloading a truck. And yup, that is a whole pig.

Took this purely for aesthetic reasons and thought the colours would look nice (yay school for teaching me things)

Again aesthetics.

Went to hang out with Natasha downtown.

“Metro Play” a little street photography for you.

Love the sun at this time of day.

Near Ryerson University.

At least they said they were sorry.

Reminded me of the G20 that happened in Toronto a while back, walking around downtown with fences up everywhere.

Also just got back from the opening of  ‘Prisoner’ show at Communication Art Gallery (209 Harbourd St. in Toronto) come check it out. So maybe I had G20 on my mind.

Me being sneaky.

(Photo: Natasha) Look she made a friend.

And later he came to talk to us, and I made the mistake of letting him shake my hand. I swear we were shaking hands for like 10 minutes. Seriously shake …. and let go.

Last shot. Natasha up close and personal.


No sure when the next update will be. I need to shoot more thats for sure.