Playing Catch Up

As the title suggests I am playing catch up. My last blog post was September 2014. This is starting off where I Forget left off, the images are from August 2013 till end of 2013.  This will be long post (135 images) EDIT : Just realised some of the images are from 2014 woops! *if you’re in […]

I Forget

I was planning on writing something to go with the pic but can’t remember what and not in the mood for it to be honest. Some random pics but they are mostly from camping last year (2013) on Lake Superior (Neys Provincial Park) Also while camping my Leica shutter started to act up so it […]

No Name Is A Name

Guess it was one of those days? Generation gap? Coffee with this one… He decided to come say hi. I am sure my mom will hate me for this. Which Way To The Front Line From Here? – Great movie, lost count how many times I’ve watched it. Don’t listen to anything anyone tells you…books […]

You Already Hate Me Anyway

Isis at her best ;) Explain to me why I have to pick up dog shit when horses go where they want and is left there? A cyclist was killed. Anyone missing a glove? Or maybe you lost a scarf? See the flame thrower? Leafs not doing so well. Not sure why I am including […]